Arctic Dreams is a Serbian-German sympho-industrial-black-death-metal band originally founded in 2009 year in St.Petersburg, Russia by Alexander Alex_Y Järvinen (vocal/guitars/music/lyric) and Igor Sydius Pokatilov (back-vocal/guitar) and based in Belgrade, Serbia.

The band was a studio project for a very long time, more than 10 years, but in 2020 they decided to return to full-fledged activities.



Despite everything that happened in 2022, we still completed our eight-year work on the album. The first part of the album was released as an EP. And now we proud to represent you our LP!



" ...Nothing is All. Nothing is a Call. This is a Goal, On our Road..."



Unlike the previous single, this song was created by one of the first. It was in it that we came up with and thought out our hellish mix of heavy metal, dark-electro and classical music.

We didn't bother with orchestra libraries and recorded the instruments of the symphony orchestra live. Violins, double basses, cellos have a clear harmonious compatibility with synthesizers and guitars.

The text of the composition is a dialogue of our mascot, whose name is Chosen One with the listener. The Chosen One comes to him in dreams and turns the world order upside down...

Upcoming release 6 Feb. 2022


After ten years of silence, Arctic Dreams returns with the first single for the upcoming album. Having started working on the LP back in 2014, the guys continue it to this day, but you can hear the first result of their work today.

The search for an exclusive sound took a long time, as a rather complex experiment with mixing such seemingly incompatible styles as sympho-black-metal, dark-electro, industrial, modern-death-metal requires a rather original approach.

A feature of the sound is the wall-piercing attack of drums, low-tuned guitars and a bright mixture of organ, choirs and synthesizers inherent in the dark electronic scene.

The frenzied energy is achieved due thanks to the brutality of the vocals in a different manner: it is both low growling and low pure.

This single is an ode to Peter's Northern Capital (St. Petersburg, Russia), a city that hides dark secrets, survived the blockade, the Red terror, the Decembrist uprising, and the revolution. The city is the personification of Russian power and strength, built on bones...